Welcome to the OpenDCC Project

The OpenDCC Project exists to develop Open Source Atmel AVR based devices that implement the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) Digital Command Control (DCC) protocols to do stuff on our model railroad layouts.

This project builds upon the excellent work done by Wolfgang Kufer who has kindly contributed his existing source code to this project, making it much easier for others to develop their own devices, which hopefully they too will share with the MRR community

The hardware designs and firmware source code are licensed under the GNU Public License Version 2

The OpenDCC Arduino Library has moved...

Over the years things have changed and with the rise in popularity of the Arduino platform, I decided it was time to merge the on-going development of the EmbeddedLocoNet Arduino library and the OpenDCC Arduino library into a new project called Model Railroading with Arduino. It has it's own SourceForge project and you can download the latest version of the libraries from here.

The Arduino project has essentially wrapped the WinAVR package in a nice and newbie friendly IDE along with a tidy library package mechanism. There is also quite a wide choice of Arduino boards, including some with Model Railroading interfaces. The whole Arduino concept is not perfect, but I think it's a pretty good improvement over the bare WinAVR package we have been using, so I have been slowly converting the core EmbeddedLocoNet and OpenDCC libraries into Arduino libraries. As these two projects share the common Arduino platform and I was getting tired of maintaining each Arduino library directory in separate SVN archives, I thought it was about time I just merged them into one Arduino centric project.

From here you can access:

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